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uShip for Freight Shipping

Let uShip help relieve the stress of freight shipping. We can help you find the best freight shipping companies at the best rates. uShip will help you figure out how to ship freight, help you get the best freight shipping rates, and give you some tips along the way. If at any point, you feel weighed down, don’t worry! Contact us and we’ll help lighten the load.

uShip’s marketplace makes it easy to find the best freight shipping companies to meet your needs and your budget. Create your listing, detailing the needs of your shipment. Then, freight shipping companies will provide you with rates as they compete for your business. You can talk to the shipping companies and review their carrier profiles so you know you’re working with the best freight transport company.

How to Ship Freight on uShip

uShip makes shipping freight as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Create Your Listing

It's important to properly list your items for the most accurate quote. In order to determine what kind of freight service you need, first package and measure your freight shipment. List the number, size and weight of the individual units. Pallets, drums, crates and boxes are all commonly shipped by carriers and can be used to better describe your shipment, as well. If you know your freight class and load density be sure to include that information. Include any special requirements your shipment may have, such as the handling of your freight or permits needed. Whether you choose to list your freight shipment for quotes in our marketplace or book an instant quote, having a detailed listing will earn you a more accurate shipping price every time. Freight companies offer several options, including less than truckload freight (LTL), truckload freight (TL), and expedited freight services. Using a freight forwarder, you can even ship freight internationally.

Woman with pallet jack in warehouse
Truck driver and warehouse manager at pallet delivery

2 | Choose the Best Freight Shipping Company

Once your listing is complete, instant rates from our Published Rates Carriers may appear as an option for your freight shipment. If you select one of these rates, you will receive direct contact information for the freight shipping company. These published rates may not be available for all freight shipments. When your shipment listing goes to auction, you’ll receive quotes from freight shipping companies as they compete for your business. You’re able to maintain your privacy while you ask questions and talk directly to the shipping companies providing you with freight quotes.

Each freight shipping company also has their own carrier profile on uShip. You can find their customer rated feedback, safety records, and transportation history all in one place. Review the transportation history and see if they have moved anything like your freight before. See the experience their previous customers had with them. Most carriers add some photos of their equipment so you can see what your freight will be moved in. Reviewing these profiles and talking to the shipping companies will help you feel confident you’re choosing the best freight shipping company for your shipment.

3 | Freight Shipping & Delivery

After you have chosen your freight shipping company, contact them directly with any questions, concerns, or additional details you may have regarding your shipment. Coordinate details for pick up and delivery times and locations with your carrier. Share any third party contact information that may help the shipment run smoother with your freight shipping company. Have payment ready at the agreed upon time and please let us know if you have any trouble contacting your freight service provider.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship Freight?

The cost to ship freight is dependent on many aspects. The freight class, density, route, and how the freight is packaged can all have an effect on the rate. For a closer look at what it costs to ship freight, visit our cost to ship freight page. You’ll find freight shipments completed through the uShip marketplace and get a better idea of how we work.

Freight Insurance Options

Ask freight shipping companies about their cargo insurance. Your transporter should be able to provide you with written proof of insurance that details your shipment's coverage. Make sure you obtain this document prior to shipment.

We also recommend that you obtain your own third-party insurance coverage for added protection. Visit the uShip Cargo Insurance page for more information on this.

Preparing Freight for Shipment

Before your carrier arrives, you'll need to prepare your freight for shipment. Make sure to follow your freight carrier's instructions very carefully in order to protect your shipment from damage and avoid surcharges. Here are some best practices:

  • Accessible Pallet
  • Top Pad
  • Stackable Pallets
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Straps on Product Stacked Flush
  • Visible Label

Case Studies


National LED Light Producer Illumitex Saves 28% on Shipping with Switch to uShip: Illumitex switched its outbound LTL Shipments over to uShip and saved an average of $100 per shipment. Transparent pricing and detailed invoicing from uShip gave it confidence in its transition.

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Illumitex pink LED lighting
Sports bikes in warehouse

Cranky Ape

Cranky Ape Cuts Overhead in Half After Turning to uShip: CrankyApe needed a cheaper option to ship RVs, powersport, and marine units and equipment to and from its regional warehouses. After testing out the uShip platform for a month, it switched to uShip full-time to source its carriers. By establishing a network of reliable carriers with competitive pricing through uShip, CrankyApe has been able to cut its company fleet by 50%.

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Fusion3 was frustrated by the increasingly expensive, fixed shipping costs for its 3D printers. Through an online search for better options, it discovered uShip. The cherry on top: significantly reduced back-and-forth communication to set up shipments.

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Fusion3 3D printer

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